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Best Oman Tours Packages

Oman has almost everything which is necessary for a prime tourism destination, breathtaking islands & beaches, pristine riverbeds, rich cultural heritage, ancient forts, opulent old palaces, ruins from the time of the queen of Saba’a, Oryx sanctuaries, desert emptiness, beautiful landscapes, world class resorts/Camps and of course friendly and hospitable people.

A variety of standard or tailor-made tours are available for our clients, which suits their requirements. Dunes Adventures and Tours LLC offers city tours (general, shopping, heritage etc.), excursions to the desert, through the wadis (dried river beds), to the starkly beautiful Hajar mountains, to the sandy beaches, boat and dhow tours, fishing, golf, archaeology and bird watching.

Best Oman Tours Packages

General FAQs

Dune Adventures provides the best Oman tours packages, including cultural trips, trekking tours, sea adventures, bird watching, geo tours, round trips, and regional packages, catering to all interests.

Our cultural trips immerse you in Omani traditions, exploring historical sites, museums, and local markets. These packages provide a deep dive into Oman's rich heritage.

Yes, our trekking tours are designed for all levels, offering routes suitable for beginners to experienced hikers. The best Oman tours packages ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

Sea adventures feature activities like snorkeling, dolphin watching, and sailing. Our best Oman tours packages provide unforgettable marine experiences in Oman's pristine waters.

Absolutely! Our bird watching tours take you to prime locations where you can spot a diverse range of bird species. These tours are part of our best Oman tours packages.

Geo tours explore Oman's unique geological formations, including mountains, caves, and wadis. Our best Oman tours packages offer educational and visually stunning geo adventures.

Round trips and packages include comprehensive tours of Oman, covering major cities and attractions. These best Oman tours packages offer a thorough exploration of the country's highlights.

Yes, regional packages are tailored to specific regions in Oman, offering in-depth exploration of local attractions and experiences. These are part of our best Oman tours packages.

You can book tours through our website, via email, or by contacting our customer service. The best Oman tours packages are easy to book and come with detailed itineraries.

Many of our tour packages include meals, featuring delicious local cuisine, ensuring you experience Omani hospitality and flavors.

We prioritize safety with trained guides, well-maintained equipment, and adherence to local regulations. Our best Oman tours packages guarantee a secure travel experience.

Yes, airport transfers are available upon request. Our tour packages include convenient transportation options to start and end your journey smoothly.

Pack comfortable clothing, sturdy footwear, sunscreen, and a hat. Specific packing lists are provided with our tours to ensure you are well-prepared.

Our tour guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable about Oman's history, culture, and natural environment, enhancing your overall experience.

Absolutely! Our tours offer numerous photo opportunities at scenic and cultural landmarks, ensuring you capture unforgettable moments.

Yes, we offer group tours where you can join other travelers. Our group tours provide a social and shared experience, perfect for meeting new people.

Visit our website, contact us via email, or call our customer service for detailed information. Our tours come with comprehensive details to help you choose the perfect experience.