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Best Oman Tours Travel Agency

Best Oman Tours Travel Agency

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Secrets Of Oman

With Dunes Adventures you will discover a beautiful Arabic country was Called in the past Majan, which means “The land of Copper” and was also described in the old writings as “The Land of Frankincense” where Beaches, Desert, Oasis, ancient forts and Mountains exists next to each other and gives this country its’ own character. Since 2006, we’ve been enhancing our Guided Tours in Oman with unique touches that set them apart from others.

Best Oman Tours Travel Agency

Enjoy amazing tours around Oman with a great team of expert guides.

We specialize in Guided Tours in Oman, offering tailored cultural programs for groups and individuals. From arrival to departure, we ensure top-notch service, exceeding expectations with every detail. Our goal is to create lasting memories; guests remember Oman for the exceptional experiences they had with us. After a wonderful time exploring Oman’s treasures, from ancient forts to pristine beaches, it becomes an unforgettable and inspiring memory. Let us make your journey remarkable, where every moment is crafted with care and passion, ensuring your visit to Oman is truly magnificent.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be the preferred choice for all our customers and to add a value to the community. Our Vision is to bring innovative standard and services to our market by partnering with global leaders. Our success is based on establishing good relationships with our partners and customers. The confidence, which the customer gives us, is a big responsibility makes us work hard to keep our standards, values and to develop our services.

Dunes Adventures Sustainability Policy

Oman Tourism Company

At Oman Dunes Adventures & Tours L.L.C Responsible travel is one of our company’s core values. We at Dunes Adventures have the passion to discover the world in which we live and sharing those experiences with the next generation in order to make the world better place for all of us.
Our philosophy at DAT
We want to be accountable for our impact on the environment, and to be empowered to embrace the challenges that changing our patterns of behavior present; we are curious to find out how our historic and current behaviors impact the world we live in, but above all we want to do the right thing.
Our commitment at DAT
  • We are committed to embracing a cultural change in the way we think and behave.
  • We are committed to educating our staff and customers to understand that there are alternatives to our existing behaviors to change the world into better.
How do we achieve this?
  • Things we can aspire to DEVELOP – globally.
  • Things we can IMPACT – within our destination
  • Things we can CONTROL at a local level – in our homes and offices.
Within our office environments:
  • We aim to reduce our energy consumption over the next three years.
  • We share best practices and raise awareness on sustainability among our teams and partners
  • Our office cares about reducing the use of plastic materials in order to be 100% plastic free company.
  • We intend to move towards the distribution of our materials via electronic PDF rather than printed booklets.
  • Oman Dunes Adventures & Tours L.L.C will be a paper-free company within one year as all tour-related materials and documents now being sent by electronic means.
  • We are encouraging our staff to work from home on an occasional basis when feasible, and are advising staff on the best ways to avoid wastage.
  • Provide information, training and support to colleagues and external partners, to engage them towards sustainability.
  • We at Dunes Adventures make sure that our staff gets good wages/salaries in order to get the performance expected from them.
Our staff are encouraged to
  • Reuse, reduce or recycle as much as possible
  • Participate in voluntary environmental activities.
In our destination we are working with our suppliers to
  • Ensure the most environmentally friendly resources are used, including packaging for lunches, and the use of locally produced resources wherever possible
  • We ensure that travels we organize do not have adverse effects on the environment or society, especially sensitive activities that may bring travelers into contact with animals, children, or remote communities
  • Eliminate the single use plastic bottles from all our tours
  • We at Dunes Adventures purchase local products to support the local community to survive.

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Dunes Adventures & Tours provides the following services

Dunes Adventure & Tours is a part of Fahad International Group of companies owns and manages a diversified business. Since its foundation, the Group has been dedicated to provide the highest quality and services through a professional management and staff. We started our company with only 3 employees, now we have more than 15 people working in different departments (Marketing, Reservation, Operation and Guidance).

  • Hotel bookings all over the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Self drive services & tailor made programs for individuals and private groups.
  • Various daily excursions & safari programs.Airport representation, local assistance and guidance for tourists.
  • Study Tours, fishing, Wild wadi Safari, Bird Watching, Diving, Dune bashing, Trekking and camping Tours.
  • Eco Tourism Programs. Dhow cruise and Dolphin watching trips.
  • Programs for Incentive groups. Events, Incentives and conferences.
  • Motivational Travel Team building programs

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Explore Oman with Dunes Adventures & Tours, on an awe-inspiring Oman holiday where every moment is treasured forever!