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Oman trekking is by far the finest way to enjoy Arabia’s outstanding mountain landscape. A perfect blend of desert dunes and wadi walks or mountain trekking with infinite beach walks makes Oman a favorite spot for adventure fanatics.

Combine desert dunes with mountain treks, or wild wadi walks with miles of unspoiled beach meanders. The Musandam Peninsula offers out of the box trekking holidays Oman with its remote and exceptional rugged mountains which can be personalized to ensemble all sorts of comfort.

Oman is a secluded block of some of the world’s oldest rocks dating back 800 million years. The most remarkable facet of this region is the incredible natural beauty. Yet for such a desolate land there is really wondrous diversity for great Oman trekking holidays.

The natural elegance, and the divergence that exist here, relentlessly take your breath away because within short distances you can find yourself hiking down rugged sandy wadis and across stunning dunes, trekking through beautiful canyons & wadis to lush green oases.

Walkable landscapes through limestone canyons, ragged-ridged tabletop mountain ranges, desert, and many wild areas will attract Oman trekking enthusiasts to relish the undiscovered nature. The limestone geology also yields an array of huge caves, which you can discover during your hike or trek such as Al Jin & Al Hotta Cave.


Omans’ rocky landscape is considered a geologists’ heaven because all the rock formations and various striations are open for study; there is no greenery to cover up the abundant “evidence.”

Cost: $195.00


Enjoying the breathtaking views of the green terraces, trek to the old village Wadi Bani Habib, visit the rose gardens during your hike to Al Uqor, Al Ain & Al Sherija villages.

Cost: $143.00


The tour offers magnificent views for the mountains and the Grand Canyon. The geological processes which formed the canyon over many millennia are almost beyond comprehension. There are two treks at Jabal shams for adventure seekers:

Cost: $195.00


One of Omans’ countryside villages, a tranquil mountain hamlet tucked away in the protective embrace of Al Rostaq’s rugged hills.

Cost: $200.00

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